Serving Style Dilemma for Catering


Meetings are a huge part of business these days! And everyone knows that meetings are much less dreadful with food. Most people love all the variety Unique Dining Catering provides; the struggle then becomes what is the right serving style. A few tips for deciding what kind of catering style is right for you would be helpful right about now! We have the answers below.

Boxed Lunches

This is a great way to serve your group when your meeting is on a tight timeline and can’t afford to take a meal break. It also allows the flexibility of grab and go. Do you have enough space for a buffet? Boxed lunches are a great space saver too!   

Buffets style

The best kind of casual! It's all setup before your even enter the room. Each person can pick and choose exactly what they want. This option is perfect for a group with special dietary needs, picky eaters, or just to offer a fantastic smorgasbord of different items.

Family Style

An elegant buffet with the coziness of home! Have a group that is new to each other? What better way to bond than over food! Generous portions making the rounds all while being able laugh, talk and enjoy each other’s company.


Going formal, but traditional! Usually this is an elegant evening affair with unique and impressive food! This is not the typical office event, but it is nice to be able to pull this off for a special occasion.

Your options are limitless with Unique Dining Catering, and we'll be happy to talk over all your different options to make sure you have the service style that is perfect for your meeting or event!

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