Finding a Wedding Photographer

Four Steps to the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Wedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming when it really does not have to be. If you let the professionals help you along the way you can relieve the weight on your shoulders and enjoy all the great activates leading up to your big day. We have interviewed one of Minneapolis, Minnesota’s expert photographers Preston Palmer to help with you photographer selection. 


Top Four Key Points to Consider in Selecting Your Wedding Photographer

1.      Wedding Experience:

How many weddings has the photographer shot? How long have they been shooting weddings? All wedding photographers make several mistakes in the early years of their career. Do you want to be the one they practice on? You will have to offset your willingness to compromise quality vs price.  Just because someone is a strong portrait photographer – does not necessarily mean they are a strong wedding photographer.

2.      Style of Photography:

Wedding photographers all seem to have a style they gravitate to.  This is often times a reflection of their creativity and passion.  Make sure you know what style you like and talk candidly with your potential photographer. There are three main wedding photography styles that most photographers are familiar with:

Photo Journalistic Wedding Photography
This is a popular style today where wedding photographer’s focus on capturing candid photos with an editorial emphasis on telling a story of the day.  The photographer spends a lot of the time hidden and capturing the special moments as they occur.

Traditional Wedding Photography
Traditional wedding photography is very much as it sounds.  The primary focus is to provide formal family and guest portraits in a staged environment.

Artistic Wedding Photography
This style of photography often reflects the photographers core of who they are as an artist, how they see shapes, angles, shadows, depth of field, negative space etc.  These photos often provide a dramatic feel and emotion to the audience viewing the photos.

3.      Attitude of Wedding Photographer:

Your wedding photographer will be with you for every intimate moment, every stressful moment, and everything in between.  Feel the photographer out and see if his or her attitude & vibe fits with you and your fiancé. The better the chemistry is between the couple and the photographer, the better the photos will be. The point to be made is that you need to get along!

4.      Photography Pricing:

Statistics show that the average wedding runs between $21,500 to $35,500 with an average of $28,500 in the Minneapolis Minnesota area (Hennepin County). The number of guest’s is the biggest factor on wedding costs with an average cost of $114 to $140 for each guest. What has been seen through Preston’s experience is that 12% of the wedding budget is typically what an average person spends their photography. The couples that care more about capturing the memories made through photography may pay up to 15% or more of the wedding cost on photography alone.

Once you have selected a photographer you have come one step closer to completing that wedding checklist. A good photographer will make recommendations and tell you what looks best. Let the photographer guide you through the process as it is their profession. 


"I have photographed hundreds of weddings and never have had a bridezilla. It’s not bad brides, its bad vendors,” Preston Palmer – Owner of Brovado Weddings 612-242-8655


Q. How Does the Wedding Venue Affect Your Photos?


The truth is that the wedding venue can greatly affect your wedding photos. Your photographer should be fully prepared with the proper lighting tools to offset any venue challenges.   Natural light is best for most all photos (unless your intent is to capture an artistic style.)  Another important factor is the ceiling.  A white ceiling allows a wedding photographer to bounce a light source (ie. Flash) off the ceiling down onto the targeted subjects, thus allowing for a softer more natural photo.


"Our wedding reception halls are designed with wedding photographers in mind. We have high white reflective panels to easily reflect light along with natural light sources.  We also have a fantastic outdoor courtyard wedding area that makes for some absolute gorgeous wedding pictures," says Jeff Conner, Owner of Courtyards of Andover


As you look at venues and reception halls, be mindful of what will yield a strong wedding photo as well.


Artistic Food Photos? What and Why?

Almost all weddings have catered meals including food, drinks and hors d'oeuvres.  Capturing your guests enjoying this is nothing new – however being creative and having your photographer capture an artistic vantage point on your food can make for some great photographs.


"My goal is to make your mouth water and for you and your guests to have an experience with the meal that is as memorable as your wedding itself!  The presentation of the food is definitely worth capturing and looking back on years to come," said Chef Ted.


All in all, your day will be amazing no matter the outcome. However, selecting an experienced team that knows how to make your day even that more special will relieve any added tension you may be feeling during the day of your wedding.


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