Corporate Team Building with Food

How Can Food Strengthen Team Building?

When building a team, it is really important to create opportunities for team members to effectively interact and communicate with each other. Nothing builds positive interactions faster than food!

Consider this team building exercise for your next executive team meeting: Several weeks prior to the team building event, ask each of your team to write down a dish or a food that represents their…(fill in the blank.)

...their culture

...their personality

...their dream

...their favorite place to travel

...their favorite holiday

Use those reflections to work with Unique Dining Experience to create a menu for your team meeting and then ask your team to guess whose dish is whose. The voting of the dishes can be written, by voting with dots, or many other fun and interactive methods that the group can employ to learn whose favorite food belongs to whom. The interaction amongst the team will create a lot of fun energy and your team will learn a lot about each other. And of course, there needs to be prizes.

To make this an even more competitive and interactive team building exercise, consider dividing the team into small groups and see which group can more accurately identify the correct matches. This team building exercise will give your team an opportunity to communicate and interact over food and prizes. It just does not get any better than that!

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