Corporate Catering And The Benefits To Your Business


Can catering a working lunch increase your company's revenue? Employee health / appreciation? 

Whether you're planning a weekly company luncheon, a quarterly meeting or an annual corporate party, we understand there's a lot riding on your choice of a caterer. You need catering that is on time, accurate and most importantly that it is DELICIOUS! 

First off what is corporate catering?

A mobile catering service such as UDE Catering who serves food directly to a business, club, or school. Mobile catering is common at outdoor events (such as business meals, lunches, events, road shows, concerts, club events, benefits, fundraisers, and company picnics).

What are the benefits of corporate catering?

Bringing a team together by using the best corporate catering in Minnesota for collaboration, projects, goals, initiatives, or just getting to know each other better, to assist in a team or work place. When you think of the hourly rate of each employee and the rate you bill the employee out at vs the cost to cater an event you are making money providing the team a working lunch, even if it is only an hour. On top of that, the benefit your employees feel from the appreciation the company is giving them. 

What if I'm looking for some unique catering?

This is our specialty. Once you have contacted us we will get you lined up with one of our catering or event specialists. There are many options from buffets, plated meals, BBQ's, box lunches, or even a full our Pig Roast.

What kind of office space is needed?

A room where everyone can sit and see each other is ideal. We know that not all companies have a open space readily available, that's why we are partnered with one of Minnesota's best corporate event centers. At the Courtyards of Andover there are many options for small to extremely large groups that need to get together for meetings, a meal, or even a road show/trade show.

How to determine what food or how much to order? 

If you can get a close head count, this can be very easy to figure out.  As your catering team, we will price food options, side dishes and related items on a per person head count so you can very easily and quickly scale your costs to align with your company's budget.

How much notice is needed to contact a catering company to serve at a business event?

Corporate meetings or any related business event usually requires a standard 7 day notice to the catering service for preparation and setup of your meal. However, at Unique Dining, we only require 30 hours in advance for corporate events. The team at UDE Catering does know that not all situations are ideal.  If you are in a pinch or crunch on time, we have a Last Minute Lunch menu that needs no more than 3 hours notice. You can send a request on our site and we will get back to you in a jiffy.  For immediate assistance please call our team at (763) 754-6521. 

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