7 Must-Knows When Selecting the Catering Menu for Your Wedding


So, you are getting married next year and don’t even know where to start on the menu for the reception – what is the best food to serve at a wedding?

When you come to UDE Catering, our professionals will help you put together a perfect catering menu to fit your special occasion. Some questions to consider when planning your menu include:

1. What time of day will your guests be dining?

2. Where will the reception be held?

3. How many people will be dining?

4. What is the theme or vision for your event?

5. Do you want a sit down meal? A buffet? A light meal?

6. Will there be children attending?

7. What time of year will your wedding be held?

Each of these questions are important to answer. We can help you plan around options that you may be considering. For example, if you are not sure about a sit down plated meal, a dinner buffet, or something in the middle, we will get the right information from you about your event so that we can make menu suggestions. These may include seasonally available options, as well as what food is going to make the most sense for the time of day of the festivities. 

You can have a lot of fun planning the menu for your wedding and we would love to help you!

∗ Do you want to do something a little different? How about a hog roast

∗ Planning to have lots of kids? Maybe try a mashed potato bar, a baked potato bar or an appetizer menu?

∗ Having a fall wedding? Consider a delicious pumpkin or squash soup served out of pumpkins family style with overflowing baskets of breads? 

∗ Want to pay a tribute to a fond family memory? How about a clam bake or a lobster boil?

Whether you want to go elegant, informal, traditional or innovative – UDE Catering has something for everyone! Give us a call and let us help you plan a perfect wedding menu.

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