6 Stellar Tips for Boosting Company Morale

Notice slouching shoulders in the office? Boost company morale, efficiency, and productivity with these tips.

By: Jessi Minneci


Finding truly engaged employees is quite rare, unfortunately. In fact, according to Gallup’s latest report on employee engagement at the workplace, only 32.9 percent of employees agree to being engaged at work on a weekly basis. What’s more is that Gallup reported that percentage dropping more than five percent from the last time they checked the state of employees around the nation. We seem to be slipping… and fast…

Do you notice your employees’ shoulders drooping at work? Does everyone seem to shuffle through their daily motions without much enthusiasm? Your employees may need a confidence boost. After all, low morale leads to poor cooperation, decreased overall productivity (AKA engagement) and an increased turnover. Out of the loop employees spirals into an out of the loop business – and we don’t want that happening in your company!

Let’s convert those shoulder-slouchers in your office to engaged employees! After all, productive and engaged employees are the most effective strategy for increasing performance, optimism, and sustainable long-term growth. Consider adapting some of these tactics in your office:

Remember, work is more than just a job

The idea above is not only for you, but something that you’ll want to keep top of mind with your employees on a regular basis. Everyone wants to feel that his or her work has a higher purpose. Sometimes, though, that purpose gets lost in the day-to-day grind.

Remember to talk about the purpose of what your team does: the ‘why’ behind the work. Perhaps you’ll want to discuss daily goals in a morning meeting, or circulate a company email highlighting one employee or one team of employees per email, and a little bit about what they do and how they contribute to the company’s overarching goal.

Everyone likes to feel important. Remind your employees why they are.

Remember to celebrate accomplishments

This one’s easy! The most effective way to boost morale and to keep everyone engaged in what they are doing is to recognize when they do it, and do it well. It will make them feel appreciated and encourage them to continue increasing their productivity.

Reward your employees for a job well done. Do this more than once a quarter. In fact, do this on a rolling basis; whenever someone does something that is reward-worthy. Here are a few incentives you may want to consider implementing:

  • Swap out bagged lunches and soggy take out for a corporate luncheon: Tell your employees to leave their PB&Js home tomorrow; it’s time for a luncheon! Instead of allowing your employees only a working lunch at their desk, designate an hour or two out of the busy work day to bond over a catered lunch. Order cold cuts, salads, and the works for your employees. Instead of discussing an upcoming business meeting, engage in conversation surrounding what your employees’ plans are for the upcoming weekend.
  • Similarly, hold a ‘lazy Monday’ in the office! Roll slowly into the workweek with a catered breakfast opportunity for your employees on a Monday morning. Chat over pastries and bagels, and boost your employees’ spike of natural energy with a selection of fresh fruits. Trust us, after a good breakfast, everyone will be working way harder than if they just had that to-go cup of Joe.
  • Hold a monthly award ceremony: Much like granting superlatives, publicly recognize your employees for reaching different milestones, goals, or overcoming other challenges. Award a trophy to an employee or two who really got through the month with flying colors. Then pass that trophy on to another stellar employee the next month!
  • Hire a massage therapist, meditation or yoga instructor to come in and award employees who sit in front of the computer all day. Nothing says thank you like throwing your employees a (relaxing, soothing, and healing) bone.

Have a daily huddle

Much like reporting on how each employee is contributing to the company as mentioned above, incorporating a daily huddle into your team’s strategy is conducive to keeping everyone on the same page in terms of goals and hurdles.

Hold daily mini-meetings where each person briefly shares:

  • What they are working on for the day
  • Where they are struggling / can benefit from some assistance
  • What they are personally going to do to make things better

Hold these huddles in the morning, before everyone hops on to their computer for the day. It will allow everyone to get things off their chest, state their goals out loud, got everyone on the same page, and keep each other accountable.

Mix up the norm

NO ONE likes doing the same things over… and over… and over again. Departing from the same old routine of meetings, phone conferences, and spreadsheets can go a long way toward building morale. Some examples:

  • Divide the company up into subdivisions, groups, etc. and create closer-knit ‘families’ depending on the area of the company your employees work in. These families can hold weekly meetings and strategy-building discussions to delegate tasks and better conquer projects together
  • Once each quarter, get your team out of the office for a bonding activity like volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, golfing, catering a summer work picnic for your employees and their families, or taking a trip to the zoo.
    • Bonus idea: If you’re feeling bold and daring, have the office painted with bright colors while everyone is out for the day. Your employees will return to a fresh, new space… and most likely a clearer mind!

Give each other feedback

No one likes to feel alone or clueless when it comes to their work. In this sense, performance reviews are essential –let employees know where they are excelling, and what areas they need to work on.

This is a team effort. After reviewing your employees, ask what you could do to help them succeed. Reaching out to them for your own feedback not only gives you clear, immediate ways to help your employees improve, but also encourages an open dialogue between the two of you.

Lend a hand

When those employees give you feedback, take it to heart; don’t let it fall on deaf ears after the performance review is over. Where you can, take problems off the hands of your employees and on yourself.

Take on the problem yourself—for your team—and morale will go up.

Boosting your employees’ morale, productivity, and efficiency is not an impossible task. In fact, it is quite easy if you are willing to loosen up a bit and make a few changes regarding the way things are handled, recognized, and celebrated throughout the office. 

Be sure your teams’ shoulders are slouching no more by incorporating some of these efficiency-raising and morale-boosting tips!

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