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Minneapolis, MN
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Meet Chef our Local Minneapolis, St.Paul area food Guru.


Minneapolis MN Best ChefWhen it comes to the food industry, Chef is passionate about preparing quality meals and providing memorable experiences.

It goes without saying that food certainly brings people together. So who is the Chef creating the delicious dishes bringing everyone together? We have been asked by many of our clients to share some about Chef and how he became the food connoisseur he is today. 


A few Questions to get to know Minnesota's best Chef.  

  • Why he started cooking; His mom was a chef and he went to tons of her cooking classes as a kid. He loved the variety of what existed in the world of food.
  • Where he is from; St. Cloud Minnesota
  • Favorite app: Homemade Italian Fried Mozzarella Triangles  
  • Favorite dish; chicken carbonara 
  • Favorite desert; chocolate souffle
  • Hardest dish to make; chicken parjarski
  • What he is known for; Finding the strengths in a business and building on them. Making places stronger and better
  • Who he looked up to growing up if it's food related; Mom- see why he started cooking
  • Cooking words of wisdom;  cook for the people not for yourself
  • What makes him different; His passion for the kitchen, the food, and company success
  • Why he loves to be a Chef; The chemistry between people and food
  • His goal as a Chef;  to make his mom, who is a chef, proud. He strives to be a great chef, a great son, and a great dad.
  • How he is there to serve the client; Always cooking FOR them and making their meal special. Every client and every meal is a special and provides an opportunity to make something great they will always remember.
  • Best meal for a wedding; Sautéed chicken breast with our roasted veggie blend and any one of our delicious potato sides.
  • Best meal for a work lunch; Chef’s seven cheese loaded cavatappi
  • Best winter meal; Beef pot roast and fresh baked breads
  • Best summer meal; slow roasted pulled pork and beef brisket




If you would like to know more about Chef please give use a call or contact our team through the contact form.