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The holidays are fast approaching, the next meeting is around the corner, something came up last minute, or maybe you just have too much on your plate. The hardest thing to do is delegate, but delegate we must and why not hire a professional to take care of the food. A caterer is a great person to have at your fingertips. They take care of every little detail for you and give you a piece of mind, so you can move on and tackle your next task. A handy little checklist to use when hiring a caterer should include the following:



  • Are they available for catered lunches or parties?
  • Have you tasted their food?
  • Do they provide a variety of food?
  • Are they able to accommodate any special dietary needs?
  • Do they need a kitchen or are the self-sufficient?
  • Is their staff knowledgeable?
  • Are they trustworthy?
  • Will they be on time?
  • Can they provide all types of beverages? Desserts?
  • Is the staff friendly?
  • Do they have experience with you type of event?
  • Can they provide their own rentals such as linens, tables, or tents?
  • Is their contract easy to understand?
  • Do they have great food presentation?
  • Can they work with your budget?


No matter what your profession or where you live find a caterer and see what they have to offer! And…if you happen to be in Minnesota give Unique Dining Catering a call!




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I have been in and out of many Minnesota businesses lately and now that the weather is warming up so is business. Which means meetings! Meetings that need food and catering. Most people love all the variety Unique Dining Catering provides; the struggle then becomes what is the right serving style. I thought a few quick tips to help you decide what kind of catering style is right for you would be helpful right about now!

Boxed Lunches~ This is a great way to serve your group when your meeting is on a tight timeline and can’t afford to take a meal break. It also allows the flexibility of grab and go. Do you have enough space for a buffet? Boxed lunches are a great space saver too!   

Buffets style~ Casual at its best! It's all setup before your even enter the room. Each person can pick and choose exactly what they want. This option is perfect for a group with special dietary needs, picky eaters or just to offer a fantastic smorgasbord of different items.

Family Style~ An elegant buffet with the coziness of home! Have a group that is new to each other? What better way to bond than over food! Generous portions making the rounds all while being able laugh, talk and enjoy each other’s company.

Plated~ Going formal, but traditional! Usually this is an elegant evening affair with unique and impressive food! This is not the typical office event, but it is nice to be able to pull this off when needed for a special occasion.

 Your options are limitless with Unique Dining Catering, and we'll be happy to talk over all your different options to make sure you have the service style that is perfect for your meeting or event!

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Breakfast is not just for breakfast anymore!Written by Emily Boettcher

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” My mother always said. You probably heard that too. Were they right? I would like to think not! Unfortunately, most studies prove them right. Even more unfortunately I do not always have time to grab that important meal as I am scrambling to get everyone out the door and to work on time. Fortunately, I work for Unique Dining Catering; the best part about working for a catering company is the FOOD! On those mornings when I don’t have time to for breakfast there is nothing better than walking in to the kitchen and hearing Chef say, “Grab some eggs and French toast!” What would it mean to your crew if you had breakfast waiting for them in the morning? Would it be easier to manage your group? Would they be a better team? Would they start going the extra mile? Would you have less turn over? I would like to think absolutely! Give it a shot see what results you get and hey, if your group isn’t in early enough for breakfast, breakfast for lunch is always a huge hit! Maybe our moms were onto something after all!

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