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How to Have an Amazing Graduation Party: Top 7 Ideas in Your Minneapolis Graduation

If you are graduating from high school, you want to make sure that you are able to have the best options for your party, and that means that you need to have a lot of imagination as well as a lot of creativity to have the best possible party. Here are the top 7 ideas for your Minneapolis Graduation party.


1. A Decade Theme Party: When you are looking for a fun idea, you want to consider all of the options that are out there for you with a decade party. You could have a 40’s party, a 50’s party, an 80’s party or any other theme you may like. Have all of your friends come and dress as an official decade, these are just some of the great ideas that you could choose from with many graduation ideas that are going to be perfect for all of your needs.

2.  An International Party: Have everyone come to a Minneapolis Graduation party dressed in their favorite country’s garb so that you will be able to see the influences that are out there for each of your friends. This is a fun way to also what other things people would like to see in order to be a part of if they were to choose a country that represents their personalities.

3. A Futuristic Party: Let everyone come to the party in the clothing of their favorite futuristic society or alien society. This will be a lot of fun so that you will be able to have great costumes as well as a bunch of fun graduation ideas that are perfect for everyone.

4. A Historical Party: There are many ideas out there as well that are perfect for your needs if you are looking for the best options out there. You could have all of your friends come to your private shindig as their favorite historical character and see who they pick. The choice of your friends will represent their best choices as well as the options to ensure that you are able to enjoy the party with one of the most fun party ideas in Minnesota when you are planning your party.

5. Time Warp Parties: A Time Warp party is a lot of fun as it is a party that will allow all of the attendees to warp to another time. The most fun part about this idea over all other graduation ideas is that you are able to have a party and not worry about telling anyone when the time warp will be. What makes this very fun is that everyone can show up dressed in a different time and also in a different period. This will be one of the best Minneapolis Graduation party ideas. From this idea, you will also be able to add other incarnations of this idea so that it is possible that everyone will be able to create their own story.

6. A Superhero Party: Have everyone come to the Minneapolis Graduation party dressed as his or her favorite character from a comic book or a superhero franchise. You will be able to learn more about your friends and see some amazing costuming as you see the way that all of the costumes interact and work together to create an amazing impression for others.

7. A Rock, Rap, or Punk Rock Party: Have all of your guests come to the party as their favorite stars from the music scene. This will be a lot of fun and lead to some really memorable photos for all of the people who are celebrating at one of the most talked about Minneapolis Graduation parties.

You only have the chance to graduate one time; that is why it is very important to make sure that you are thinking through all of your choices and that you have the best choice for your party. Think about all of these amazing ideas and remember that this could be one of the best for you when you are planning your very own Minneapolis Graduation party. When you get creative, you will have a party that you will remember for years to come and that others will continue to talk about.

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Why You Should Consider Company Picnic Catering

Companies in Minneapolis often hold picnics as a way to strengthen teamwork and boost the morale of the employees. A day of fun and laughter can make employees feel good about each other, about themselves, and their work. But a company picnic means feeding all the employees. This is a tedious process, especially if you have lots of employees. To make your life easier and ease your worries regarding the food, you can employ a company picnic catering service.

Spouses and kids of the staff are also invited to company picnics. That means there will be a lot of mouths to be fed during the event. This can be overwhelming without professional help, and that’s why it is recommended to hire a Minneapolis catering service for the event. It is the better alternative to preparing the food yourselves.

It is important that you serve great food during the picnic. It should be fresh and well-prepared. Aside from the activities and games, the food served during the event is something that people will remember. You don’t want people to remember the picnic because of its awful food, right? With a Minneapolis catering company, you can forget about the food and just enjoy the picnic. You can also be sure that the food is safe for human consumption. The caterer can guarantee that no one will be rushed to the emergency room because of a bad case of food poisoning.


How to Find a Company Picnic Catering Service?

Just like finding a caterer for any event, you can look for an employee appreciation catering service through a local business directory or by asking around. You can also check online to find companies offering Minneapolis catering services. There are lots of caterers in the area. You should make sure that they provide the food that you prefer, and can cater to the venue of the picnic.

Create a short list of company picnic catering services that you think can serve your employees with great food. Contact those companies in the list and inquire about their services, as well as the costs. Make sure that they are able to service the location of the picnic.


What Company Picnic Catering can do for You?

There are lots of benefits that a Minneapolis catering company can bring to the table. To start with, you and your employees will be able to enjoy great food. It is also a cost-effective way of feeding a large group of people. Just think of all the time and money you have saved by not preparing the food on your own. Imagine buying the ingredients and then cooking all the food for everyone. It will take hours just to prep the ingredients.

The caterers will do the food preparation in their own kitchen, and then transport it to the venue of the picnic. You don’t even need to provide them with space where they will prepare the food for your company.

Setting up where the food will be served will also be the concern of the company picnic catering service. They will ensure that there is a table for the food. More often than not, the menu for the picnic will be pies, salads, and sandwiches. However, modern picnics do mean any meal that is eaten outdoors. Barbeques and other foods cooked outdoors are also appropriate for this type of event. The catering service will provide you with choices when it comes to the menu. You can choose e the foods you want to serve during the picnic, as well as the set up of the tables.

And because they take care of everything when it comes to food, you can enjoy the picnic more. There will be less worries because you know that the food is taken care of. They will also ensure that everyone is well-fed during the picnic. 

A Minneapolis catering company that specializes in picnics can make your event go smoothly. They have the experience of working on such events that they know how to please their clients. They can provide suggestions on how the event will be handled so that there will be no issues or problems from start to finish.

A company picnic catering service is a valuable resource that you should use for your next employee appreciation event. Not only will they be able to provide good food, but they will handle all aspects of the preparation and service. They will also clean up after the event. That way you can put all your focus on the picnic.

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Company picnics are a great way to bring family and friends together with the work location and ensure that everyone knows each other outside of the office. Company picnics ensure that there is a time and a place to allow employee appreciation and a good balance with work and life. Company picnics can be full of all kinds of great activities that will allow you to build confidence and interact with people that you would not be able to on a regular basis.

There are many beautiful parks which are perfect for you in Minneapolis and allow you to have access to many of the best options out there for your company picnics. You will want to make sure that you take the time to reach out to all of your employees as well so that you will be able to plan all of the activities that are out there for you and are able to reach out to your other company members and see if they have ideas that they would also like to see at the events.

When you are able to enjoy time having fun at company picnics, it adds to a greater sense of appreciation for everyone who is going to be a part of the event and allows you to love the time that you are spending with others as well. Company picnics are a great time to allow you to continue to build and spend time with others so that you will have access to a great working environment.


Get Ideas from Your Employees for Company Picnics

There is no reason that company picnics have to be boring and not a lot of fun. Spend time working with your employees so that you will have the best ideas and you will be able to have a great time with your employees appreciation efforts. Make sure that you do not stick to the traditional models of company picnics as there is no reason that you are not able to have access to many of the best options out there and enjoy yourself with nontraditionally themed parties and fun events that will make your entire staff want to come to Minneapolis picnics.

Once you have scheduled one or two of these events, you will love the options that are out there and are available for you when you are planning company picnics. You will have at least 3-5 different options that are going to be perfect for all of your needs, and you will be able to enjoy every moment that you have when you are planning the company picnics in advance with different themes. You can also plan them in different locations depending on the locations, and the weather needs that you are facing. There are many options out there that will allow you to have an amazing time and will let you have the best options in the entire city of Minneapolis. Time to start planning now!


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Graduations: Celebrating Life’s Milestones

Learning how to drive. Going out on a holiday with friends. Landing your first job. Spending your first paycheck. Having your own home. Driving your own car. Finding your true love. These are just some of the milestones that we achieve at different ages in our life. If there is one more that we can add on the list, it would be graduations. Whether it is graduating from elementary, high school or college, it is a reason for celebrations. With such, there is no wonder why it is a big deal in Minneapolis, much like how it is in other states.


The Importance of Graduations

Why it is that graduations are widely celebrated? This is especially important for the person who has graduated. This is a sign that he or she has achieved something. Especially from a college graduation, it means that the individual has withstood many years of studying and has now finally reached a point where a new chapter is about to open. It signifies transition from one point of their lives to another. It can also serve as your gift to people who have shown their support to you through the years. It is the fulfillment of a dream – not only of your own dreams but also the dreams of others for you. It is a one-in-a-lifetime event that should be celebrated in the best way that is possible.

It is also important for parents. Given the fact that they have financially sustained education of their children, graduation is a sign that they are finally over such stage of their life. More so, it is an opportunity to show how proud they are of their child for being able to achieve such milestone.


Celebrating Graduations in Minneapolis

Because it is a special point in a person’s life, it is just right to prepare for grand celebration of graduations in Minnesota. In this case, there are several things that can be done. One can go on a trip out of the state or out of the country to celebrate graduation. This can be an excellent choice for those who are looking for a gap year. Parents can give their child a new car as a celebratory gift. You can also go shopping to congratulate yourself.

The most common way of celebrating graduations in Minneapolis is perhaps throwing an intimate party with family and friends who are special to the person who graduated. It can be a simple dinner in a favorite restaurant in the neighborhood or a get-together at home with meals prepared by a preferred caterer. Hosting dinner and drinks are also a common tradition. Eating, drinking, singing, ad dancing, all while reminiscing on the struggles before graduation can make a good celebration!

 If you would like help catering your Minnesota Graduation please contact the team at UDE Catering.

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Graduations bring lots of changes to one’s life. There are several choices that you need to make as you embark on a new phase in your life. And one of the choices will be choosing the right Minneapolis catering service for your graduation party.

Organizing a graduation party in Minnesota requires a lot of work. When done right, you will be able to hold a party and enjoy it at the same time. Employing the services of the right catering company will ensure that all the details of the party will be taken care of.



Why Hire a Minneapolis Catering Service

A catering company can save you time. Preparing food takes a lot of planning. A professional catering service in Minnesota can help do all the planning and food preparations for you. The company can do all the things that need to be done for the party, from the type of food to be served, the amount of food to be prepared for the graduation party, and how the food is presented. That way you will be able to enjoy the party with your guests.

When you choose a reputable Minneapolis catering, you will get your money’s worth. It allows you to save on the costs of preparing food because the caterer measures all the ingredients with precision. You also don’t need to worry about the extra amount of food and leftovers, because the catering company will ensure that the amount of food is enough to feed all the guests.

The catering company will also provide all the kitchenware and cutlery. The lack of utensils is one of the problems that people face when they choose to prepare the party food themselves. But with the caterer, you are rest assured that there are plates and utensils for everyone.

They provide good customer service to make sure that the guests are satisfied. The caterers ensure that the waiters or waitresses they hire have good communication skills required to interact with the guests of the graduation party. 

Lastly, you don’t need to worry about cleaning up after the graduation party. Cleaning after the party is hard to do and something that people want to avoid at all costs. You need to consider the leftover food, used utensils, tables, and chairs. When you choose to hire a catering company, you don’t need to worry about all the mess that guests have made. The caterer may do that for you.


How to Find the Right Minneapolis Catering Company

Finding the perfect catering company for your party can be a challenge. You need to ensure that the food is of high quality and delicious. And of lots of choices in Minnesota, looking for the right one is a very tedious process. Below are some tips to help you choose the Minneapolis catering service for your special day.


Create a Guest List

Before anything else, it is important that you establish a guest list first. That way you know how many people will be going to the party. This is also one of the things that a catering company will ask you. That’s why it is vital that you know the number of guests who are expected to attend the party before considering any other details.


Ask Family and Friends

When choosing a catering company, you should ask recommendations of family and friends. They might have a good experience with one of the catering companies in Minnesota. You should ask them about the worst and the best thing about the catering service. The information can help you make a smart decision in the future.


Have a Short List of Potential Minneapolis Catering Companies

The next step is to create a list of catering companies in Minnesota that can deliver to your chosen location. There are catering services that can only travel to a specific distance. Once you have a list, interview the caterers to find out if they can deliver what you are looking for. Please consider using Unique Dinning Catering for your graduation party and check out the graduation catering specials. 


Schedule a Taste Testing Session

A taste testing session can help you choose the right catering company. If the caterer doesn’t provide taste testing, then you should remove the company from your short list. It is important to know the taste of the food before it is served at the graduation party. The taste testing session will give you the change to find out the flavor and quality of the food that you are going to serve at the party.

Most reputable Minneapolis catering companies are happy to schedule a taste testing session, and will provide a sample menu for the graduation party. You can bring someone to the session, and the feedback from your friend or family member can help you make a smart decision when choosing the right caterer for your graduation party.


Make Your Decision

Once you have sampled the menu from various caterers, the next step is to make your choice. Discuss with your chosen Minneapolis catering service the requirements for your graduation party and ask for an estimated cost. Be sure that you are happy with your choice, and the catering company can provide you with all you need for the party.

And you should have detail in writing. You should read the contract before finalizing the deal. From the menu items to the service, everything must be included in the contract. At this point, you can also negotiate the price of the catering service. Once you are sure that all the details that you have discussed are included in the contract, then it is safe to sign it to seal the deal.

As you can see, a Minneapolis catering service can provide you with peace of mind. You don’t need to worry about feeding your guests because the catering company will take care of that for you. Then you can take you mind off it and enjoy the party with your friends and loved one. Graduations are special occasions that should be celebrated. Hiring the right caterer in Minnesota will ensure that the event will be more special and memorable for you and your guests. 


Thanks for Reading,

Team at Unique Dinning Catering 





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 The Top Best Things Food Caterers Do

Definition: A caterer is someone who arranges the delivery, preparation and presentation of food for clients. If you've ever attended a bridal shower, fund raiser, rehearsal dinner, wedding reception or a bar mitzvah that had beautifully prepared and presented food, chances are that event was catered.


10 Things that make up good food caterers

Like many careers, catering takes a combination of training, hard work, and carefully honed skills to succeed. While there is much in common with being a chef, caterers face many additional challenges. Caterers have to handle such business matters as accounting, marketing and customer relations, in addition to the quality of the food.Online directories like Culinary Training feature a variety of courses that are specifically tailored for people entering this highly competitive field. Finding a way to stand out, and integrate sound business savvy with inspired culinary vision, is a big part of the challenge. But thereafter, a successful catering career is ahead.


What Makes a Good Food Caterer?



At its most basic level, catering is all about food. No matter how beautifully the venue is decorated or how carefully the place settings are arranged, clients won't return if the food is awful. You also need enough cooking experience to make recipe substitutions, plan menus, and safely prepare, reheat and transport large amounts of food.


Food safety

A good caterer (and their staff) should be aware of and comply with the most-up-to-date food safety laws in their particular state. The Food and Drug Administration is in charge of food safety regulations throughout nation, and allows you to find your state agency. Further training in this field is offered many culinary institutes and local colleges.


Customer Service

Caterers work with clients to design a menu. Being courteous, tactful, and diplomatic is necessary, as you may need to persuade a client to substitute an ingredient or change a dish. Good communication and people skills are also vital to building up a client repertoire and catering a successful event. A satisfied customer is the best recommendation, and word-of-mouth remains some of the most effective advertising out there.


Flexibility & Creativity

Recipes may need to be adjusted to cope with food allergies, and cooking methods may have to be altered to conform to religious dietary requirements or personal preferences. An imaginative and adaptable person will be able to triumph in these situations, and instill confidence in their clients in the process.



A caterer has to manage a staff of cooks, servers, cleaners, and dishwashers, while ensuring their team is aware of their schedules, place settings, serving customs, and food safety regulations. It may also be necessary to provide direction and advice to customers.



Caterers must be enthusiastic and proactive, to promote themselves and bring in business. During the busiest times of year, a caterer may work long hours, seven days a week, which demands stamina. It's also important for caterers to motivate one's employees (and stay motivated themselves) in moments when business is slow.


Financial planning

Fluctuating work is part of the job. The often busy periods, such as weekends and holidays, must be balanced with the times of year when business is only trickling in. Being able to financially plan and weather the slowdowns is particularly important to a caterer.


Business Management

More than just cooking, a catering service has to be a profitable business. The administrative tasks in catering deal with pricing services, accounting, taxes, managing employees, ordering food, and organizing schedules and budgets.



Your food may be delicious, but the phone won't ring unless people know about you. Getting your business noticed is important and in catering, a good network of contacts is essential. You'll have to liaise with florists, venue organizers, event planners and a variety of other services that it takes to pull of a large event, but this also acts as your network of referrals.


Attention to detail

A caterer may also be in charge of some décor, table arrangements and food presentation. Setting up, running and clearing the dining room all fall under the task of a caterer. Here's where you can impress your client and all of their guests - who are all potential clients themselves.

Taking time to study the field of catering and learn about its particular challenges and demands can make all the difference between failure and success. If you love cooking, interacting with people, and have a flair for parties, a career as a caterer may be a good choice for you.

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Whether you are a small business or a national organization, galas can prove to be an excellent way to gather people, generate awareness, and raise funds. It offers an opportunity to socialize and enhance your network. Nonetheless, in spite of its many benefits, such will only be reaped if it turns out to be successful. In this case, one of the essentials that should be taken into consideration would be choosing the best service provider for non-profit catering. While the choices can be overwhelming, you should never decide in haste. It is important to evaluate your options carefully to decide how one is different from the other, and in the end, make a well-informed decision with regards to who to choose for gala catering.



Consider Feedback and References

The opinions of other people will prove to be highly instrumental in the decision that you will make. Whether you are choosing a company for drop off catering, pick up catering, or full-service catering, you need to consult with what other people have to say. One of the most convenient ways of doing so is through going online and taking a look at the reviews that have been shared by other people. You can also ask the caterer for references. They will provide you with a list of some clients where they have been previously hired for non-profit catering. Try to contact them and ask them about their experiences, which will help you to easily weigh your options.


Book as Early as Possible

In choosing the best for gala catering, you also need to take into consideration the availability of the caterer. When you are having an event during peak season, such as during the holidays, make sure to book at least three months before. If there is a caterer that is preferred, it becomes more important to secure an early booking to avoid disappointment. Meanwhile, if the preferred caterer is not available, ask them if they can provide even pick up catering. In this case, they will just cook the food and you will take care of other essentials, such as transporting the food to the venue and manpower requirements. A food delivery is also another alternative if they are bust with full-service catering in other events.


Schedule Food Tasting


If you are looking for the best for catering Minnesota, make sure to ask for food tasting before finally reaching a decision. In most cases, especially if you are going to place huge orders, the caterer will be very welcoming of this idea. This is going to be an opportunity for you to have a taste of what they can possibly serve for the gala catering. More than tasting the foods, you will also be able to have the chance to see how they are presented. Food should not only be a feast to the stomach but a feast to the eyes as well. If there is anything that you do not like about the taste of the food, inform the catering company and see if they can adjust accordingly.


Set a Budget

Before anything else, it is important to have a budget in mind. You have to stick with the budget and make sure to inform caterers about how much you are willing to spend. It will be wise to take ask for a quote from at least three options for non-profit catering companies. Compare them on the basis of their price. Also, do not forget to negotiate and to adjust the terms of the service if this is going to make the price cheaper. Look for menus that you can customize in order to include whatever food will be suited for your budget.


Forget Full-Service Catering

Budget is an essential consideration in making a choice for non-profit catering. With this, if you know that you have limited finances, forget the idea of full-service catering. Rather, consider food delivery or pick up catering as an alternative. The latter will be cheaper because all that the caterer needs to do is to cook the food. They can have it delivered to the venue, or you can pick it up from their location. The downside, however, is that you have to take care of how they are presented in the venue, and you have to provide your own servers and waiters. Nonetheless, this makes a great choice for catering Minnesota if you have limited budget.


Have a Contract

Once you have already made a choice for gala catering, ask for a contract. Once you are presented with the contract, make sure to analyze it carefully and pay attention to the fine prints. If there is anything that is unclear, or you disagree with, inform the caterer so that it can be resolved. Remember, the contract is a legally-binding agreement. Be sure to clarify everything before having your signature affixed. The contract must provide complete details of the responsibility of the caterer.


Consider UDE Catering for your Gala and non-profit catering needs in Minnesota. 


We provide drop off, delivery, and catering services to the Twin Cities, Minnesota, including, Andover, Annandale, Anoka, Blaine, Bloomington, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Buffalo, Burnsville, Champlin, Chanhassen, Chaska, Columbia Heights, Coon Rapids, Cottage Grove, Eden Prairie, Edina, Elk River, Farmington, Forest Lake, Fridley, Golden Valley, Hastings, Hopkins, Inver Grove Heights, Lake Elmo, Lakeville, Mankato, Maple Grove, Maplewood, Minneapolis, Minnetonka, Monticello, Mound, Moundsview, New Brighton, New Hope, North St. Paul, Oakdale, Plymouth, Prior Lake, Red Wing, Richfield, Robbinsdale, Rosemount, Roseville, Saint Louis Park, St. Michael, Saint Paul, Savage, Shakopee, Shoreview, South Saint Paul, Spring Lake Park, Stillwater, Wayzata, West Saint Paul, White Bear Lake, Woodbury, Dakota County, Scott County, Carver County, Hennepin County, Wright County, Sherburne County, Washington County, Isanti County, Chisago County, Anoka County, Ramsey County 

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Getting started with a Fundraiser Gala  b2ap3_thumbnail_top-10.jpg



If your nonprofit organization hasn't already put on at least one special event in the past in order to raise money, we're guessing that it will do so in the not-too-distant future. Common types of nonprofit special events include dinners, auctions, fairs and festivals, lectures, benefit concerts, home and garden tours, tournaments, contests, sporting events, and walkathons. If you are a first timer throwing the fundraiser you may need a few pointers. That is why we pointed out a few items to keep in mind to get you on your way to a successful event! 



Form a committee.

Committees should be formed as early as possible, and should include people who have large networks of friends and professional associates, as well as experience in planning events, experts say. Nine months to a year in advance is a good time to form a committee, particularly for an event a charity has not previously tried. Members should be committed to the cause, and have a passion for telling others about it.


Choose an event:

Preferably an event related to the group's mission.  A charity's location and its ties to community groups should also play a big role in what sorts of fund-raising events a group. You want to make sure you have the volunteer support to make it grow. You have to take a look at your community and find out what they'll support and what your volunteers can support.


Weigh the costs against potential earnings. 

Research is important when choosing a fund-raising event, say fund raisers and consultants, to determine an event's costs, feasibility, and likely success. Events that feature entertainers or other celebrities are often money losers because such people generally charge high sums to show up at an event and make expensive demands about transportation, lodging, and backstage catering. What most organizations are not very good at is selling tickets, and they have to sell a lot of tickets to see any revenue. However events that honor a prominent local leader generally make money, as long as expenses stay lean.


Budget carefully:

Experts suggest establishing a budget for the event before doing anything else. Start with the biggest expenses, such as food and beverages (including caterers, waiters, and bartenders), rental fees for the place where the event will be held, and advertising. Also, depending on the event, other major costs may include transportation, security, parking, and hotel fees for special guests. Watch out for hidden costs, say experts. Many organizations, for example, forget to include the time charity workers put into an event as an expense.

At some locations it is mandatory that charity groups hire particular companies, such as a caterer, that may be expensive. Ask about all the required services you're going to need in order to contract with them as well as their rates.  Sometimes, she says, deals can be struck to have the required services donated.


Reserve a location well in advance of the event. 

Space should be booked six months to a year in advance, preferably as soon as the organization is certain that the event is going to happen, say fund raisers and consultants. Some charities have persuaded theaters and other event facilities to donate the space by asking as far ahead of the event as possible and relying on personal contacts that trustees or volunteers. A event facility has needs that match well with those of the charity: "If it's a new space in town, they may be looking for the publicity, and it's a great way to get space donated."


Delegate intelligently:

Some tasks are ideal for volunteers, such as stuffing envelopes, checking arriving guests into an event, selling raffle tickets, and preparing gift bags. Staff members are best suited to chores requiring greater accountability, like following up with key supporters and managing the charity's donor information.


Consider seeking sponsorship:

Corporate sponsorship can help defray the cost of the event. It is best to start figure out what support will be easiest to obtain and work from there. Nonprofit groups have to make it clear to the sponsor what benefit the company will receive. They should always underpromise and overdeliver. You should always give the sponsor a little bit more than what they were expecting. Be careful and do not get to many sponsors. Having too many sponsors. Can make it hard to please the sponsor sometimes, be elective and do not take on too many sponsors for the event to avoid not giving enough limelight to the sponsor. You should focus and choose one or two sponsors who will give them more money and believe in their mission.


Spread the word:

Charities often get free publicity by persuading local newspapers to put announcements on their event or society pages. In addition, posting information about the event on the charity's Web site and sending invitations to supporters are ways to make sure people who are most interested in the organization know about an event. Charities may be able to negotiate free advertising.


Expect the unexpected:

Even after all the planning is done, don't get complacent on the day of the event. Have people available to handle last-minute changes and be really thorough in planning how that day works so that you won't be doing too much at one time. Everything tends to happen very quickly, and you need to think through each step as much as possible.

A week or two before an event compile a list of what needs to get done. Confirm volunteers, make phone calls planning ahead and get things set up the day before and not the day of.


Remember the mission:

Taking time during an event to remind everyone about the charity's mission will make the occasion more meaningful. If their event is mission-focused, there will be a moment in the event where everyone in the room will be connected to the mission and that is the moment that the fund raisers need to savor.


Give thanks:

Some groups throw a small party for those who helped plan an event; other charities simply thank helpers and supporters by phone or send out gifts and cards. But the goal is the same: to let donors, staff members, and volunteers know that their dedication and support is appreciated.

The follow-up after the event is the most important part. It's the most productive period for cultivating who attended and thanking the people who helped put the event on.


If you would like help catering your Minnesota Fundraiser or Gala please contact the team at UDE Catering.

We provide drop off, delivery, and catering services to the Twin Cities, Minnesota, including, Andover, Annandale, Anoka, Blaine, Bloomington, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Buffalo, Burnsville, Champlin, Chanhassen, Chaska, Columbia Heights, Coon Rapids, Cottage Grove, Eden Prairie, Edina, Elk River, Farmington, Forest Lake, Fridley, Golden Valley, Hastings, Hopkins, Inver Grove Heights, Lake Elmo, Lakeville, Mankato, Maple Grove, Maplewood, Minneapolis, Minnetonka, Monticello, Mound, Moundsview, New Brighton, New Hope, North St. Paul, Oakdale, Plymouth, Prior Lake, Red Wing, Richfield, Robbinsdale, Rosemount, Roseville, Saint Louis Park, St. Michael, Saint Paul, Savage, Shakopee, Shoreview, South Saint Paul, Spring Lake Park, Stillwater, Wayzata, West Saint Paul, White Bear Lake, Woodbury, Dakota County, Scott County, Carver County, Hennepin County, Wright County, Sherburne County, Washington County, Isanti County, Chisago County, Anoka County, Ramsey County

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Can catering a working lunch increase your company's revenue? Employee health / appreciation?


Whether you're planning a weekly company luncheon, a quarterly meeting or an annual corporate party, we understand there's a lot riding on your choice of a caterer. You need catering that is on time, accurate and most importantly that it is DELICIOUS! 


First off what is corporate catering?

A mobile catering service such as UDE Catering who serves food directly to a business, club, or school. Mobile catering is common at outdoor events (such as business meals, lunches, events, road shows, concerts, club events, benefits, fundraisers, company picnics).


What are the benefits of corporate catering?b2ap3_thumbnail_increase-productivity.jpg

Bringing a team together by using the best corporate catering in Minnesota for collaboration, projects, goals, initiatives, or just getting to know each other better, to assist in a team or work place. When you think of the hourly rate of each employee and the rate you bill the employee out at vs the cost to cater an event you are making money providing the team a working lunch, even if it is only an hour. On top of that, the benefit your employees feel from the appreciation the company is giving them.


What if I'm looking for some unique catering?

This is our specialty. Once you have contacted us we will get you lined up with one of our catering or event specialists. There are many options from buffets, plated meals, BBQ's, box lunches or even a full our Pig Roast.


What kind of office space is needed?

A room where everyone can sit and see each other is ideal. We know that not all companies have a open space readily available, that's why we are partnered with one of Minnesota's best corporate event centers.At the Court Yards of Andover there are many options for small to extremely large groups that need to get together for meetings, a meal, or even a road show/trade show.


How to determine what food or how much to order? 

If you can get a close head count, this can be very easy to figure out.  As your catering team, we will price food options, side dishes and related items on a per person head count so you can very easily and quickly scale your costs to align with your company's budget.


How much notice is needed to contact a catering company to serve at a business event?

Corporate meetings or any related business event usually requires a standard 7 day notice to the catering service for preparation and setup of your meal. The team at UDE Catering does know that not all situations are ideal.  If you are in a pinch or crunch on time give us a call and we will try our best to accommodate your request. You can send a request on our site to the right and we will get back to you within one business day or less.  For immediate assistance which it sounds like you may need please call our team at (763) 754-6521. 

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The Easy Way to Host the Event of the Year with a Pig Roast

Hosting a pig roast is as easy when you find a caterer by just calling the Unique Dining Caterings extreme catering team and scheduling the event. Go all in on a party that your friends and family will be talking about for years. A pig roast is a food-filled, fun event and the pig roasting on the spit is just part of the attraction. UDEs professional catering team will work with you to select a menu of food that will complement the unique wishes of your guests.


Chefs carving a fully roasted pig for its guests

Making it a Unique Pig Roast Event

Want to add a little Hawaiian flair? Go all hog with a barbecue theme? Or do you want to mix it up a little and put a spin on the surf and turn concept? Unique Dining Experiences will develop a menu for your theme and budget. While the roasting pig is certainly a focal point of the party, music, decorations and the menu will take your guests away to a new experience. And the best part is that Unique Dining Experiences catering does all of the work for you so that you can enjoy the party with your guests.


Convenience of Barbecue Catering in MN 

From setting up the spit, cooking and serving the food the professional staff at UDEs works to ensure that you and your guests will have a memorable experience by catering a pig roast. They even clean up! UDEs makes it possible for anyone to host a pig roast with no effort other than placing the call and arranging the menu. Schedule the date, send out the invitations, prepare the ambiance and join the guests in the fun.


Bacon wrapped pork nugget from Unique Dining Catering BBQ services

Adding BBQ Sides the Hog Roast 

Here are some of the extraordinary side dishes to compliment your pig roast: potato salad, coleslaw, roasted sweet corn on the cob, baked beans, mashed potatoes, au gratin potatoes, baked macaroni and cheese, fresh fruit bowl, roasted vegetables, garden salad and pasta salad…and the desserts…ohhh the desserts. You can add other favorites, UDEs aims to please. The full service menu includes all of the trimming including food preparation, delivery, set-up, service, clean-up and you can add the plates and supplies for complete ease. A pig roast does not have to be hard. But your guests will think you have been working for days to make this party a perfect event just for them.


 Pig Roast Time of the Year

Spring time is the best time to gather together around a warm spit in Minnesota, smelling the food as it cooks, laughing, enjoying refreshments and the beauty of Spring in Minnesota after a long winter of hibernation indoors – a pig roast in Spring in Minnesota – it just doesn't get any better than that! Stand out in the crowd of tailgating and campfire gatherings, host a pig roast and let Unique Dining Experiences do all of the work while you take all of the accolades for hosting a fun and memorable event. Contact Unique Dining Experiences today and get this pig roast on the calendar.

b2ap3_thumbnail_grilling.jpg     BBQ some juicy brats for a large catering event


Request Your OWN Pig Roast Caterer 

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Four Steps to the Perfect Wedding Photographer

brovado wedding photographyWedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming when it really does not have to be. If you let the professionals help you along the way you can relive the weight on your shoulders and enjoy all the great activates leading up to your big day. We have interviewed one of Minneapolis Minnesota’s expert photographers Preston Palmer to help with you photographer selection. 


Top Four Key Points to Consider in Selecting Your Wedding Photographer


1.      Wedding Experience:

How many weddings has the photographer shot? How long have they been shooting weddings? All wedding photographers make several mistakes in the early years of their career. Do you want to be the one they practice on? You will have to offset your willingness to compromise quality vs price.  Just because someone is a strong portrait photographer – does not necessarily mean they are a strong wedding photographer.


2.      Style of Photography:brovado photo styles

Wedding photographers all seem to have a style they gravitate to.  This is often times a reflection of their creativity and passion.  Make sure you know what style you like and talk candidly with your potential photographer. There are three main wedding photography styles that most photographers are familiar with:


Photo Journalistic Wedding Photography:
This is a popular style today where wedding photographer’s focus on capturing candid photos with an editorial emphasis on telling a story of the day.  The photographer spends a lot of the time hidden and capturing the special moments as they occur.

Traditional Wedding Photography:
Traditional wedding photography is very much as it sounds.  The primary focus is to provide formal family and guest portraits in a staged environment.

Artistic Wedding Photography:
This style of photography often reflects the photographers core of who they are as an artist, how they see shapes, angles, shadows, depth of field, negative space etc.  These photos often provide a dramatic feel and emotion to the audience viewing the photos.


3.      Attitude of Wedding Photographer:

Your wedding photographer will be with you for every intimate moment, every stressful moment, and everything in between.  Feel the photographer out and see if his or her attitude & vibe fits with you and your fiancé. The better the chemistry is between the couple and the photographer, the better the photos will be. The point to be made is that you need to get along!


Photography Pricing:

Statistics show that the average wedding runs between $21,500 to $35,500 with an average of $28,500 in the Minneapolis Minnesota area (Hennepin County). The number of guest’s is the biggest factor on wedding costs with an average cost of $114 to $140 for each guest. What has been seen through Preston’s experience is that 12% of the wedding budget is typically what an average person spends their photography. The couples that care more about capturing the memories made through photography may pay up to 15% or more of the wedding cost on photography alone.

Once you have selected a photographer you have come one step closer to completing that wedding checklist. A good photographer will make recommendations and tell you what looks best. Let the photographer guide you through the process as it is their profession. 



"I have photographed hundreds of weddings and never have had a bridezilla. It’s not bad brides its bad vendors,” Preston Palmer – Owner of Brovado Weddings 612-242-8655 



Q. How Does the Wedding Venue Affect Your Photos?


The truth is that the wedding venue can greatly affect your wedding photos. Your photographer should be fully prepared with the proper lighting tools to offset any venue challenges.   Natural light is best for most all photos (unless your intent is to capture an artistic style.)  Another important factor is the ceiling.  A white ceiling allows a wedding photographer to bounce a light source (ie. Flash) off the ceiling down onto the targeted subjects, thus allowing for a softer more natural photo.


"Our wedding reception halls are designed with wedding photographers in mind. We have high white reflective panels to easily reflect light along with natural light sources.  We also have a fantastic outdoor courtyard wedding area that makes for some absolute gorgeous wedding pictures," says Jeff Conner, Owner of Courtyards of Andover


As you look at venues and reception halls, be mindful of what will yield a strong wedding photo as well.


Artistic Food Photos? What and Why?wedding-food.jpg

Almost all weddings have catered meals including food, drinks and hors d'oeuvres.  Capturing your guests enjoying this is nothing new – however being creative and having your photographer capture an artistic vantage point on your food can make for some great photographs.

"My goal is to make your mouth water and for you and your guests to have an experience with the meal that is as memorable as your wedding itself!  The presentation of the food is definitely worth capturing and looking back on years to come," said Chef Ted, Unique Dining Catering

All in all, your day will be amazing no matter the outcome. However, selecting an experienced team that knows how to make your day even that more special will relieve any added tension you may be feeling during the day of your wedding.



Authorship by Adam HerrmannDigital Blitz SEO

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2015 Graduation Party Ideas

Many people are having graduations coming up in spring. With all these high school and college graduations coming up I know some families as scrambling to get a party together for the big event. Everyone has their preferences but I have listed a few ideas of my own.



The five step process to hosting a successful graduation party.


Pick a Graduation Party Location

Your house a banquet hall or a park are a few ideas. Somewhere everyone can get too easily. The good part to this decision is that you can get assistance from a catering company or hosting at a venue. Some families prefer the home location but the work to clean, mend and decorate are items that do not excite me. I would select a banquet hall to avoid all this including clean up, tear down, cook wear returns, and rental returns.


Graduation Party Invitations

Something catchy with the location, time, and details of the party. Include information on attire, parking, themes, and most importantly the information on food and drink that will be served.  This is a great way to get those friends that flack out sometime to attend. FREE Food and beverage!


Graduation Party Decorations

Determine what feel you would like to have throughout the event. Casual, classy, or straight up partying! This can really set the tone for the evening.  Most families are really busy with work, school, kids, and events.  This is one of those tasks a banquet hall can really help with. In the Minneapolis are the Courtyards of Andover can host your event onsite and cater your meal.  The costs are low and time is hard to come by.  This is one of the decisions you need to make on your own, what’s your time worth to you?


Graduation Party Menu

Appetizers or a buffet style meal are the usual pick for most grad parties.  My favorite a Pig Roast onsite at the location that create great memories that sticks with the guests and most importantly the Graduate. Are you going to have desert? Will food be served throughout the day or at a specified time? A lot of questions and preparation to be had to pull off the successful party. I prefer to have someone Like Unique Dining Catering come in and deliver the meal.  Most people would not prefer my cooking nor would I put them through that. J


Be part of the Graduation Party

A lot of people host great parties on their own but are absent to guests and do not get a chance to enjoy the party. This is why I highly recommend using a venue and or a caterer.  Your guests are there to see you. Not to be served by you. This is my favorite part of the process, enjoying my time with friends and family without a worry.

Don’t assume I covered everything. Don’t forget music, games, or pictures. I left a few tasks up to you but as you may see my ideas help to decrease the work load on yourself.


Congratulations to all graduates in the class of 2015!


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Holiday Party Catering 


Holiday party season is just around the corner - don’t be left out in the cold – plan your holiday gathering now. Unique Dining Catering takes all of the stress and work out of your holiday event so that you can enjoy the party with your guests. Full service catering means that UDEs does it all just for you, cook, deliver, set-up, serve and clean-up after your guests have enjoyed it all. Your holiday gathering can be a small elegant appetizer event, a festive family buffet meal, or a theme party and UDEs can make it happen.

Finger foods, fondue, sophisticated sandwiches and elegant appetizers to family style service, buffets and fine dining Unique Dining Experiences is serving all of the latest trends in holiday food this season. Have a family favorite? Talk to UDEs for personalized menu planning including your own personalized favorites. Need ideas for the perfect menu? UDEs staff is ready to work with you to plan your event.

Prime rib, walleye, roasted turkey, ribs and lasagna are just a few of the main courses UDEs will prepare for you. Salads, side dishes, fruit, breads fill out holiday table. A dessert buffet is a wonderful way to end the perfect holiday party. Make your holiday party experience a relaxing one and let Unique Dining Experiences take away all of your holiday party planning stress.

When you call a professional caterer at Unique Dining Experience you will get your own specialized party planner who will develop a menu to fit your guests and your own needs. Don’t have enough time, don’t know where to start, don’t have enough dishes…leave all of the worrying to UDEs and enjoy your holiday gathering.


Be a trend-setter, be the best host and most importantly, have a great time enjoying your holiday party while UDEs does all of the work. Make the call today and let the holiday party planning begin.



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Football, Food, and Alcohol delivered to you!  



What do Fantasy Football, Touchdowns and Unique Dining Catering have in common? You and your fabulous Super Bowl Party. Have you always wanted to host the best Super Bowl Party but just not sure where to start? Or you don’t want to be taken away from any moment of the game, pre-game and half-time entertainment? Let’ Unique Dining Experiences help you with their full service or catered theme party menus tailored just for you and your guests.

Serve your Super Bowl Party guests a theme related buffet honoring the teams that are playing or include some favorite foods from teams that didn’t make in in honor of those teams. Celebrate in style with a pig roast or barbeque – ribs and more ribs, hold a spectacular tailgate party right in your own driveway or backyard and let UDEs do all of the work while you enjoy every moment of the game.

Are you holding out hope that the Minnesota Vikings will go to the big game? UDEs can cater a walleye feast complete with all of the fixing’s, potatoes, coleslaw and beans; rooting for the Green Bay Packers? Cheese is on the menu, cheese platters, cheese enchiladas, cheese fondue – UDEs has something for everyone. Does your Fantasy Football team include players from New Orleans? Why not add a little Cajun flair to your Super Bowl menu – peel and eat shrimp are on the plate. And, the best part about this is that all you have to do is pick up the phone and schedule your Super Bowl party today with Unique Dining Experiences’ professional caterers and let UDEs do all of the heavy lifting.

Impress all of your friends and family by throwing a memorable Super Bowl party while you enjoy the party! Turn your house into your own private spectator box. Don’t miss a second of the game, enjoy your guests and don’t worry about the food or clean-up – Unique Dining Experience is ready to cater your private and spectacular Super Bowl Party. Call UDEs today and schedule.


Order online or request a quote for your football party today.


Appetizer Menus

Hot Appetizers Catering Menu with options of: Wings, Meatballs, Fresh Ruben Dip, Mini Sausages, Chili Garlic Roasted Potatoes, Fresh Ruben Dip, Mini Biscuits & Gravy, Chicken or Beef Satay, Mini Pulled Pork Sammies, Pork, and Chicken or Veggie Pot Stickers

Cold Appetizers Catering Menu with options of: Seasonal Fresh Fruit Tray, Tuscan Summer, Pinwheel Sandwich Collection, Assorted Chips & Dips, Caprese Skewers, Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus, Fresh Vegetable Tray, Traditional Shrimp Cocktail, Shrimp on Crostini, Meat & Cheese Tray, and Spinach Dip in a Bread Bowl.

Beverage Catering Menu saving the best for last.  


Request Football Party Menu




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“I strive to learn and be a better part of the Hospitality industry. Customer first with great quality will make us successful in our great endeavors. I have 21 plus years of experience in culinary and my background is in restaurants, country club, hotel, bakery, all catering including in-flight, part- owner of a cafe and now corporate hospitality. My mother was a culinary instructor and I have had the pleasure to work with many great and brilliant people to learn from and help develop me to be a better culinarian, manager and person. I love what I do and it shows.”- Ted Norris III

Those are the words from our Executive Chef, Ted.  With over 21 years of experience in the industry, his versatility with cuisines is outstanding.

Ted received the ISES foundation catering award in 2007, has had numerous newspaper and magazine recognitions, and has served a total of four United States Presidents.

He prepares impeccable food, with simple to elaborate meals.  But of course, customization is his specialty.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!


The Team at Unique Dining

“Creating Experiences to Last a Lifetime”

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Thank you for following up with us.  The truth is that I think your team did a FABULOUS job. As I've been discussing the wedding with various people who came and they have been reflecting on the experience, one of the comments that I have heard most consistently is, "Your caterer did a really great job."  I've given your name to a few different people who have inquired about your group because they felt like the food was noteworthy.  

Thank you very much for all of your hard work.  Ken and I really appreciated it!  

- Erik Haugland

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